Villa Raatteenranta and the Cabin by the Shore

Welcome to spend a night or more in the idyllic countryside!

At Raatesalmi, we have accommodation for a bigger and a smaller group.

Intimate two-person cabin by the shore is located right on the shore of lake Kuusamo, literally a few feet from the water.

Villa Raatteenranta offers accommodations for up to 18 people and it’s excellent for families and bigger groups. Depending on the availability, it’s possible to book only a part of the Villa, for example one family or even single rooms. For more information, check the links on the right.

Welcome to Kuusamo and it's peace of nature to our preserved farm.

Wanha (Old) Raatesalmi

Reservations by phone or email from Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm other times book from online.

Onnen Pilke Oy
Business ID: 2448974-4
Bank account ID: FI76 1376 3000 1149 32

For payment we accept cash, credit and depit cards and benefits by Smartum, Edenred and ePassi. 

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