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Two-hour trail riding tour

Our most popular trail riding tour and not without a reason!

Walking peacefully in the forest, enjoying the horse’s movements, trying tölt and getting to know the Icelandic horses. Or the joy of gallop, the magic of tölt and wandering on the narrow forest paths. The two-hour trail riding tour is our most popular tour: it fits everyone no matter one’s age or riding skills.

For beginners, the two-hour tour starts with a short introduction of horses and how one drives them: what aids to use to get the horse to walk, stop and so on. After the intro, there’s still more than enough time to get used to the movement of horses and start enjoying the feeling of being on the horses back. You may get to try tölt or trot also, if you feel like it. Even those who are a bit nervous, have time to relax on our safe Icelandics and start feeling the joy and wonder of riding a horse.

More experienced riders can enjoy the two hours in a faster pace, tölting, trotting, cantering and galloping through the beautiful nature of Kuusamo. The most daring ones can gallop on more narrow paths between the tall pines and spruces.  During the two hours you get to know your horse companion, as they are all different characters. In the summer, the tours end by cooling the horses down in the refreshing water of lake Kuusamo.

This tour is a great option during the whloe year. In the winter, we get to enjoy the fresh air and bright snow. Our trails travel both in the deeper snow, where the horses have made the path and your feet might touch the snow and on the roads with less snow to increase the speed. Spring is the time of sunshine and new life. In the summer we are able to use all of our trails and will most likely see reindeer and other animals. Autumn offers it’s beautiful colours and amazing views that are best to see on a Icelandic horse!

Price: 70 €

Duration: 2 h 

Time to reserve: 3 h

Level: beginner, basic skills, experienced

Age limit: 7 years

Weight limit: 90 kg / 200 lbs

Plus: our most popular tour