Instructions of our Stable

Please read the instructions, so you know how to behave at our stable. If you want more information, you can always call or send a message via email or Facebook!

Basic instructions

Your trail riding experince starts at the time you have reserved it: if you reserve a trail riding starting at 10 am, please come at 10 am. We don’t necessarily have any staff at the stable, if you come too early. The horses have their own breaks, we wish our customers respect. That way our horses stay happy and are glad to serve.

The parking space is located right after you turn to our farm at the right side, next to the red building. Your not allowed to drive down to the yard. We have sheep, hens, cats and dogs free on the yard, so we hope you’ll leave your car at it’s proper spot.

Your not allowed to go to the horses paddocks. There is a electric current on all the fences, so please keep your distance. Please don’t feed the animals and leave them be.

Please note, that due to the smallish size of the Icelandic horses, the weight-limit at our stable is 90 kg / 200 lbs for the shorter riding tours. The longer tours and the lake riding have a weight-limit of 80 kg / 175 lbs.

Old Raatesalmi is a smoke free area.

Choosing your level

When you’re booking your riding tour, it’s really important to tell your horseback riding experience honestly and realistically, so we cab out you in a proper group. That way both you and the other customers get the most pleasent and safe experience. Our tours are divided into groups by level, so everyone gets a proper group to ride in. If you want to come with your own group that has people of different riding skills, that is okay too. In these tours, we will always proceed  in the level of the least experienced rider.

It’s also important to tell what kind of experince you want: whether you want to enjoy the view in a slower pace or feel the wind blowing in your hair in faster speed. If you’re booking for a group, please find out everyones level of riding and wishes. You should always tell beforehand if there are children in your group. You should also tell, if your group includes particulary big or small people, if someone is especially nervous or if someone has any conditions that may affect choosing of the horse or the horseback riding itself. This way we can guarantee the smoothest experince on the stables!

Below are the descriptions of different levels, so you can determine your riding level.

  • Beginner: One has never ridden or has been on a horse for a few times.
  • Basics:  One has ridden all the gaits (walking, trot and canter.)
  • Experienced:  One can control the horse in every gait (walking, trot and canter/gallop (plus tölt)) without instructions and knows how to get the horse ready for the tour.
Equipment / what to wear

If you bring your own equipment, please make sure you have washed and disinfected them all. That way we are able to avoid contagious diseases.

Wear weather appropriate clothes. The trousers should always be long and you should be able to move in them comfortably. It’s better to avoid slippery materials. Your shirt should always have long sleeves.

It’s better to wear too much clothes than not enough. During winter it’s good to pay special attention to gloves and boots: your fingers and toes are the first ones to get cold. Skiing clothes or winter/snowmobile overalls are a good choice for riding during winter. Layers are a good way to increase the warmth of the clothes. Children should be dressed as warmly as possible.

Wearing a helmet is mandatory whenever getting on a horse. We have helmets you can borrow. During winter it’s advicable to put on a thin beanie, without a tassel, under the helmet. We have balaclavas you can borrow if necessary.

Checklist for equipment:

  • Boots or sturdy shoes, with a bit of a heel (warm during winter)
  • Gloves (warm during winter)
  • Hair bobble (for long hair)
  • Weather appropriate clothes (warm during winter)
Please note!

You can’t be under the influence of any intoxicants while doing horseback riding.

You can’t have backpacks or big cameras on you while riding. Scarfs should be under your jacket.

While on the horse, phones should be on silent mode and talking on the phone is forbidden. Please remember to ask the guide for a permission to take photos.

We do not have safety boxes for your valuables.

In winter wear really warm clothes. Too much clothes is much better that not enough clothes. We recommend different layers and for example a winter/snowmobile overall is a good choice for colder weather. Children get cold more easily, so make sure they have enough clothes on.

About temperature limit: We don’t have a definite temperature limit. Instead we always look at the big picture: the wind, the age of the customers etc., but if it’s colder than -28 degrees Celcius or -18 degrees Fahrenheit, we won’t go to the forest. The Icelandic horses are okay at any weather, but people may get cold. When it’s colder than -20 degrees Celcius or -4 degrees Fahrenheit, the tours are slower and don’t include canter/gallop. If necessary, we can shorten the tour. The proper clothing is really important and allows you to ride in any conditions, so pay attention to your clothes and other equipment. If there are any changes due to the weather, every customer is notified personally.


For payment we accept cash, debit and credit cards or benefits by Smartum and Edenred. You can also book your tour online and pay there. If asked in advance, it’s also possible to get a bill. You’ll have to take the receipt with you when you come to your tour. Our prices include VAT 10%.

Cancellations and safety

All booking made are binding and there fore we don’t reimburse cancellations.

Our right to cancel or change the booking and the impact of the weather

We reserve the right to cancel the riding tour in case of force majeure. Mainly we ride despite the weather conditions. If a storm is dangerously powerful or if there is a thunder, the riding tours can be cancelled or shortened by us. In these cases, we will always inform you personally. We don’t have a definite temperature limit, but if it’s below -28 degrees Celcius or -18 degrees Fahrenheit, we won’t go to the riding tour. The horses are okay, no matter the weather, but people can get cold. When it’s colder than -20 degrees Celsius or -4 degrees Fahrenheit, the riding tours are slower and there is no canter/gallop. If necessary, we can shorten the ridin tour, if you’re feeling cold. Just pay attention to your clothing, if you wear proper clothes, it’s a great experience to ride in all kind of weather conditions. We’ll inform every customer personally, if the weather causes changes to the tours.

Insurances and safety

It’s good to remember that even if our horses are picked carefully for their job, are sweet and calm, they are still living animals. Everyone should be aware of the risks of horseback riding. Falling from the horse happens rarely and we have never had serious accidents. We take safety very seriously and all our instructor/guides are experienced professionals of the horse field.

Our stable doesn’t insure the customers, but our horses have liability insurance. It’s advisable to check that your insurance covers accidents with horses.

Safety on the riding tours

Our goal it to always arrange a relaxed and pleasent riding tour. To insure the safety of the trip, please remember the following things:

The riding tour is lead by the guide/riding instructor. They will decide how the riding tour proceeds. For example, if the guide thinks it’s not safe to canter/gallop, you have to obey. The course of the riding tour is always done to fit the least experienced rider in the group. If you want to participate in a so called rally tour, ask when booking how it’s possible to arrange that. While riding in the forest, we always travel in a line, in the order decided by the guide. You can’t change the order without the permission from the guide. The guide is responsible of the instructions and teaching of the riders, so please don’t disturp their work.

If you are still thinking about something and want more information, you can always call us tel. +35840-1502 606 or send an email We’re happy to answer any questions!

Welcome to Kuusamo and it's peace of nature to our preserved farm.

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For payment we accept cash, credit and depit cards and benefits by Smartum, Edenred and ePassi. 

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