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Three-hour Trail Riding

Come to experience the beautiful nature of Kuusamo and our lovely Icelandic horses!

In this three hours long trail riding tour you get to enjoy the gorgeous nature of Kuusamo and the wonderful Icelandic horses for a longer time period. Our trail travel through variable terrain, in which you get to try the softness of tölt and the sway of canter.  The surrounding forest is filled with pure air and there is hanging moss all around. Kuusamo has one of the cleanest airs in the world.

The three-hour trail riding tour is a good option, when you want to be on horseback for a longer time, but you’re worried how your backside will hold up. The tour starts with arriving to the stable, choosing the horses and gearing them up. After that, it’s go time. Depending on the weather and the group, we can end the tour wading in a lake.

Price: 95 €

Duration: 3 h 

Time to reserve: 4 h

Level: beginner, basic skills, experienced

Age limit: 10 years

Weight limit: 80 kg / 175 lbs

Plus: if you want to ride longer, this is for you