Mirva-Kristine Varpa


Mirva’s motto: “Animals don’t have a voice, so you will never stop hearing mine.”

One of Mirva’s biggest dreams came true at 2014 when she bought Wanhan Raatesalmi farm with her husband. They moved to Kuusamo from the Southern Finland where Mirva used to work in international supply chain management. She has been entrepreneur since 2010.

Animals have always been big part of Mirva’s life.  She has had animals from parrots to gerbils and from fish to horses. Mirva fell in love with icelandic horses when she started riding, her childhood hobby, again. 

Before moving to Kuusamo Mirva guided riding tours with icelandic horses and held riding classes in Southern Finland.

Mirva has degree of equine economics and she’s studying to become FEIF I-instructor. She has had lots of courses and lectures about icelandic horses and horses in general. Wellbeing of her animals is Mirva’s number one priority.

Vesa Varpa

Owner, Mirva’s husband

Vesa takes care of all the technical things at the farm. At the moment most of his time goes to restoration of the main building. Vesa is also part time photographer and videographer so he has taken most of the pictures of our web site and social media. During winter time Vesa is responsible of our riding trail maintenance.

Vesa has been entrepreneur since 2004 in electronics design industry.

Julia “Juuli” Tahkola-Ronkainen

Stablemaster, Head Guide

Juuli’s motto: “Do what you love.”

Juuli has spend her whole life with icelandic horses. She was just a little girl when she got her first own horse. At the moment she has one horse of her own. A handsome gelding called Ulfur. Hopefully we will see them at competitions together in the near future.

When she heard that Mirva is starting an icelandic horse stable in Kuusamo she called her right away. After that phone call she has been part of our team.

Always postive Juuli is in charge of the wellbeing of our horses. She also runs all things at the farm when Mirva and Vesa out of the farm.

Juuli has degree of equine econimics and specialist of equine economics. She is also graduating as FEIF I-instructor.  Juuli was working in Iceland summer of 2016 and autumn of 2017. She was working on an icelandic horse farm as a guide and she also helped to start their young horses.

Alina Rajala

Seasonal worker

Alina comes to help at the farn when ever needed. She is often seen working as a guide on our trail rides and takes our summer café.  

She is very handy and makes for example all the hobby horses that we sell at the café.

Welcome to Kuusamo and it's peace of nature to our preserved farm.

Wanha (Old) Raatesalmi

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