One-hour trail riding tour

Introduction to Icelandic horses!

One-hour trail riding tour

This tour takes you to Kuusamo's calming forest with the Icelandic horses for an hour. You'll get to try some tölt and trot, climb hills and wander between the trees. More experienced riders can try cantering on the forest paths.

The one-hour tour suits everyone, no matter the age or level of riding skills. This tour is all about getting a little taste of the wonderful Icelandic horses. One-hour tours are available for booking all year aroud.

One-hour trail ride

Price: 55 €

Duration: 1 h 

Time to reserve: 2 h

Level: beginner, basic skills, experienced

Age limit: 7 years

Weight limit: 90 kg / 200 lbs

phone: +358 41 318 5403,
e-mail:, facebook, online reservation

Plus: introduction to Icelandic horses


Incl. vat 10%
We accept cash, credit and debit cards, benefits by Smartum and Edenred and ePassi.

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