Four-hour trail riding tour

When you want a bit more!

Four-hour trail riding tour

This tour gives you more time to see the nature, more tölt, more trot, more gallop and more in the first place. The tour heads to the beautiful spruce forests and edges of swamps. The summery forest shows it's best sides, when you spend more time there.

The tour starts with arriving to the stable, deciding what horses everyone will ride and gearing them up. We'll pack some snacks and coffee or tea with us in saddle bags.  After this, we'll mount to our horses and start our ride. It takes us to beautifull arctic forest, where we'll be able to enjoy the pure air and our icelandic horses. The coffee break will be held at a suitable time. We can also stop and stretch our legs if needed. The tour can end to wading in the lake Kuusamo.

The four-hour riding tours are not available during winter season.

Four-hour trail riding tour

Price: 120 €

Duration: 4 h 

Time to reserve: 5 h

Level: experienced

Age limit: 13 years

Weight limit: 80 kg / 175 lbs

phone: +358 41 318 5403,
e-mail:, facebook

Plus: includes a coffee break and snacks, not during winter season


Incl. vat 10%
We accept cash, credit and debit cards, benefits by Smartum and Edenred and ePassi.