All day trail riding tour

Enjoy the beauty of Icelandic horses for a whole day!

All day trail riding tour

The beautiful and clean nature around you, tramping hooves and the scent of horses. A blue lake sparkling between the trees, blueberries on the ground and a relaxing atmosphere. These are the things Old Raatesalmi's all day trail riding tours are made of.

The all day trail riding tour is an excellent choice for more experienced riders to enjoy the gorgeous nature of Finland with Icelandic horses. This tour takes us through variable terrain from evergreen forests to the edge of swamps and lakefronts. During the ride, you'll get to try the soft tölt that covers distance enjoyably, rhythmic trot and gallop that makes the wind howl in your ears.

The tour includes a lunch break in the forest. We can also take other breaks, if the group wants to. The tour starts by gathering at the stable, where everyone is given a suitable horse based on a short interview. Then we'll gear up the horses, pack the food to saddle backs and get up on the horses. Then we'll start the tour and it'll take about seven hours.

The all day riding tours are available depending on the weather, often from the end of summer to autumn. And what would be better than to admire the beautiful autumn colours of Finland from horseback. Please contact us for further information and availability!

All day trail riding tour

Price: from 180 €

Duration: 7 h 

Time to reserve: 8 h

Level: experienced

Age limit: 13 years

Weight limit: 80 kg / 175 lbs

phone: +358 41 318 5403,
e-mail:, facebook

Plus: the price includes a lunch in the forest, there will be breaks durind the ride


Incl. vat 10%
We accept cash, credit and debit cards, benefits by Smartum and Edenred and ePassi.