Trail Riding Horses


Alfa från Singö

Date of birth: 2002
Gender: Mare
Colour: Buckskin
Description: Alfa is big and beautiful mare. She is five gaiter and mainly works as a lead horse. Alfa has had three foals for us and is a very caring mother.


Valkyrja frá Hamrahlíð

Nick name: Varjo (Shadow)
Date of birth:2003
Gender: Mare
Colour: Grey
Description: Valkyrja is the sweetest horse ever! She is our most trusted horse with customers who are scared or nervous. She has very strong and smooth tölt so everyone riding her can enjoy this special gaite. She is also really pretty, a proper princes horse! Varjo is a five gaiter and has had two foals for us.


Nia frá Grimstungu

Date of Birth: 2005
Gender: Mare
Colour: Black tobiano
Description: Nia is big and calm mare. She has really smooth tölt and big and airy trot. This is why she is really good horse for people to learn the difference between tölt and trot. She is easy going horse for beginners but has nice amount of go for more experienced riders.


Sara frá Vindasi

Date of birth: 2004
Gender: Mare
Colour: Smoky black tobiano
Descriptions: Sara is sweet and sensitive mare. She has quite a lot of go so she mainly works as a lead horse. Sara is very nice horse to ride also in a riding arena and she knows all the basics also in dressage.


Velgia fra Nevala

Date of birth: 2006
Gender: Mare
Colour: Bay dun
Kuvaus: Velgia is one of our smaller horses. She looks bit like Bambi with her big and beatiful eyes. She is loved by every rider that has sat on her back.  She is a four gaited horse with very good gaites. Her tölt has nice leg lift and she has lots to offer for experienced rider. For beginners Velgia is tender and easy going companion.


Simbi frá Akrakoti

Date of birth: 2007
Gender: Gelding
Colour Bay
Description: Simbi is a happy gelding that loves to tölt. He works mainly with customers with some experience. Simbi is one of our geldings who loves to play with foals.


Hásteinn frá Litlalandi

Nick Name: Hasse
Date of birth: 2005
Gender: Gelding
Colour: Chestnut
Description: Hásteinn is four gaited gelding with sweet character. Now days he mainly works with Juuli being one of her favorite horses.


Svandis fra Niemenpelto

Date of birth: 2008
Gender: Mare
Colour: Chestnut, blaze
Description: Svandis is our smallerst horse. She is four gaiter with funny little gallop. She is always happy and she makes her riders smile every time. Her gaites are equally strong so with her it is easy to learn how to do transitions between tölt and trot.


Kempa frá Langhúsum

Date of birth:
Gender: Mare
Väri: Black tobiano
Description:  Kempa is big and strong mare. For her age she is well trained and knows basic dressage work too. Because she is still a young horse she is sensitive to aids so she works only with more experienced riders. Kempa is a real gem to ride as she is always willing to please her rider. She has five good quality gaites and in the future she might be seen also in competitions.


Roðadís frá Snartartungu

Nick Name: Roddis
Syntymäaika: 2009
Gender: Mare
Colour: Chestnut tobiano
Kuvaus: Roðadís is very pretty horse with lots of main and tail. She is sofa smooth to ride and always listens to her riders aids. She is calm horse for beginners but loves to go faster with more experienced riders. 



Nick Name: Giga
Date of birth: 1998
Gender: Gelding
Colour: Bay
Description: The world sweetest little pony! Giga works with our youngest customers. He is safe pony to ride the first times and he is so small that small childer can learn how to saddle a horse with him. He also knows how to pull carriage  and he loves that.

Fra Raatesalmi Offsprings


Frosti fra Raatesalmi

Date of birth: 2015
Gender: Gelding
Colour: Chestnut
M: Valkyrja frá Hamrahlið
F: Herakles frá Herríðarhóli
Description: Frosti is Valkyrjas  first born foal here at our farm. He is very big and strongly built gelding. Frosti is five gaiter as both of his parents. He is at his second training period at Annika Kyrklund at summer 2021. 


Thor fra Miiza

Date of birth: 2015
Gender: Gelding
Colour: Bay, star
M: Limra frá Hofsósi
F: Herakles frá Herríðarhóli
Description: Thor is very handsome young gelding. His long main is a real eye cather. He is five gaited horse and he is at his second training period at Annika Kyrklund at summer 2021.


Ásrun fra Raatesalmi

Date of birth: 2017
Gender: Mare
Colour: Dunskin
M: Alfa från Singö
F: Herakles frá Herríðarhóli
Description: Ásruns rare colour makes people gasp.  She is big and calm mare. She will start her training as a riding horse at autumn 2021.


Mjölnir fra Raatesalmi

Date of birth: 2017
Gender: Gelding
Colour: Chestnut
M: Valkyrja frá Hamrahlið
F: Herakles frá Herríðarhóli
Description: Mjölnir is Ásruns half brother. He has herited his beautiful main from his father and head from his mother. Mjölnir is polite gelding who loves being with people. He will start his training as a riding horse at autumn 2021.


Undrun fra Raatesalmi

Date of birth: 2020
Gender: Mare
Colour: Chestnut Dun
Description: Undrun is a five gaited little mare with very strong pace. She often sprints to pace when playing with Undri. She has still many years of time before her training starts but we can see her in the future competing in five gaite or pace races.


Undri fra Raatesalmi

Date of birth: 2020
Gender: Stallion
Colour: Buckskin, splash white, blue eyes
Description: Undri is a little charmer who loves being with people. He is five gaited young stallion with wow factor both at his looks and his gaites. It will take three to four years before we will start riding him but we can already see a lot of potential him being a future competition horse at five gaite.

Retired Horses


Sýn frá Bjargi

Date of birth: 1998
Gender: Mare
Colour: Chestnut
Description: Sýn is one of the first horses we imported from Iceland. Before her retirement she was one of our most loved horses. She is really nice horse to ride. She has sofa smooth four gaites, isn't scared of anything, could work with all kind of people. Just a perfect horse. Nowdays she spends her well earned retirement days taking care of the foals of other mares.


Freyr frá Hala

Date of birth: 1999
Gender: Gelding
Colour: Chestnut
Kuvaus: Freyr is our biggest horse. A real gentle giant. He has always loved cuddles and is really tender horse also in the herd. He loves foals and often plays with them. He also teaches them how to be polite with other horses.

HELA_WEB1 (2).jpg

Héla frá Langárfossi

Birthday: 1998
Gender: Mare
Colour: Grey
About: Héla is in well-earned retirement. She was one of the safest horses and everyone could ride her. Now she's enjoying the life in our herd.

Private Owned Horses


Kasper frá Skálafelli I

Nick Name: Mr. Blue Eyes, Kaspu
Date of birth: 2012
Gender: Stallion
Colour: Chestnut, splash white
Description: Kasper is very sweet stallion who loves cuddle. He is Mirva's bride and joy. In the future they will be seen in the competitions together. Kasper has 30 offsprings and first two are born in Finland at our farm 2021.


Úlfur frá Fjalli

Nick Name: Uffe
Date of birth: 2001
Gender: Gelding
Colour: Grey
Owner: Julia Tahkola
Description: Ulfur is Juulis own treasure. She has said that Ulfur is the horse of her life. Uffe is real charmer with a lot of main and tail. He has five good quality gaites and he is also very well trained for dressage. We will see Juuli and Ulfur in competitions in the near future.