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Meet our horses

Alfa från Singö

Date of birth: 2002
Gender: Mare
Color: Buckskin
Description: Alfa is a five gated mare with lots of speed and temperament. She works mainly as a leading horse. She is not afraid of anything and leads the pack calmly. Alfa has a unique color and she is a real eye catcher. She has had two foals for us Valur fra Raatesalmi and Ásrun fra Raatesalmi.

Valkyrja frá Hamrahlíð

Nickname: Varjo (Shadow)
Date of birth:2003
Gender: Mare
Color: Grey
Description: Valkyrja is the sweetest horse ever and she has a heart full of gold. She is the dream horse of every girl. Varjo  carries gently  our rider who are affraid of riding and her calm nature makes them relax on the saddle. Her tölt is really easy to find and it is very soft. She is calm with beginners but when more experienced rider is on her saddle she is one of our fastest horses.

Sýn frá Bjargi

Date of birth: 1998
Gender: Mare
Color: Chestnut with star
Description: Sýn is really calm mare who has nice amount of go. She has a soft tölt with good speed range. She can be ridden by total beginners but she also has lots to offer for more experienced riders. Sýn can often be seen at a different kind of events we take part with our horses.


Freyr frá Hala
Date of birth: 1999
Gender: Gelding
Color: Chestnut
Description: Freyr is our biggest horse with a really big heart. He is always happy to cuddle and loves to be with people. He has extreamly soft tölt and he is safe horse for everybody to ride from big men to small chidren. Freyr has nice amount of go but he always listens rider if he wants to slow down.

Hásteinn frá Litlalandi
Nickname: Hasse
Date of birth: 2005
Gender: Gelding
Color: Chestnut
Description: Hásteinn is very well trained gelding. He has very good and clear beated tölt with nice speed range toug he can be bit trotty at first. His gallop is soft and he has good amount of go. Hasteinn is a great choice for experienced rider but is also safe horse for total beginners.

Simbi frá Akrakoti
Date of birth: 2007
Gender: Gelding
Color: Bay
Simbi is one of our younger horses. He still bit eager and has more go than our older horses. Simbi is anyway really sweet horse and he works with our customers who already have some experience of riding.

Somadis frá Niemenpelto

Nickname: Soma (Cute)
Date of birth: 2007
Gender: Mare
Color: Black brown
Sómadís is younger mare who works only with riders with more experience. She is mare with capital M and she can be bit tricky some times. Her tölt is really soft and so is her gallop too. Many riders have lost their heart to this black beauty.

Svandis frá Niemenpelto

Date of birth: 2008
Gender: Mare
Color: Chestnut with blaze
Svandís is our smallest horse with big personality. She is always ready come with you to explore new things. She is so happy and positive horse that you just can’t be with her without having fun and lots of laughs. She has nice tölt, bit trotty at first but the clean beat is easy to find and funny bit bouncy gallop. She works with riders with some experience.

Héla frá Langárfossi

Date of birth: 1998
Gender: Mare
Color: Grey
Héla is on a part time pension and works mainly with children. She is small mare and has extremely calm nature. Héla is very safe horse. She has never rush to go anywhere. Her tölt is really soft and she has nice small gallop also.

Gerdrüd fra Ruusukivi

Nickname: Kerttu
Date of birth: 2010
Gender: Mare
Color: Black pinto
Kerttu is very friendly young mare. She is always willing to come with you and she loves cuddles. Kerttu has nice and soft gates and she has nice amount of go too. She is still a young horse and she is under training. At the moment she works only with more experienced riders.

Draumur fra Dofri

Nickname: Poni (Pony)
Date of birth: 2008
Gender: Gelding
Colour: Silver Bay Dun
Owners: Vappu ja Ruusu Takala
Poni is one of our most reliable horses. He has four gaites but tölt is bit tricky for him. Experienced rider can find tölt with Poni but the speed is quite slow. The beat of the tölt is anyway always clean. Poni has a extreamly comfortable gallop.

Sara frá Vindasi

Date of birth: 2004
Gender: Mare
Colour: Smokey black pinto
Sara is really friendly horse. She is easy and calm to handle but when she is ridden she is quite sensitive. She has excellent four gaites and is real gem for experienced rider. At the moment she works mainly as a leading horse.

Velgia fra Nevala

Date of birth: 2006
Gender: Mare
Colour: Bay Dun
Velgia is a sweet horse who always wants to please her rider. She has four gaites and all of them are easy to ride. She loves fast gallops.


Nickname: Giga
Date of birth:1998
Gender: Gelding
Colour: Bay
Giga is the sweetest pony ever. As you probaply noticed he is a mini shetland pony not an icelandic horse. He works with small chidren and can often be seen at different kind of events we take part with our horses. He is also very good to pull carts.

Thor fra Miiza

Date of birth: 2015
Gender: Stallion
Colour: Bay with star
Mother: Limra fra Hofsósi, Father:: Herakles frá Herríðarhóli
Thor is a young stallion and is a half brother to our own foals. Thor can still leave carefree days with his brothers. Their training will start when they reach age of four or five.

Foals bred in Old Raatesalmi

Valur fra Raatesalmi
Stallion, b. 2015

Frosti fra Raatesalmi
Stallion, b. 2015

Ásrun fra Raatesalmi
Mare, b. 2017

Mjölnir fra Raatesalmi
Stallion, b. 2017