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What you need to know before trail riding tour

Trail riding stable Old Raatesalmi instructions and terms of services

When making reservation, we need to know the following information:

  • How many riders you want to book for
  • Inform always if there is a child with you. Number of children and ages.
  • How experienced you are and other people traveling with you? Be honest and realistic, it is for your own safety.  This way we can ensure safe tour for you and your friends. 
  • Experienced rider can control her horse in all gaits. She is able to equip her horse by herself without help
  • All other riders are counted as beginners
  • Weight limit is 90 to 100kg (200lb to 220lb) depending of horse and riders experience. We have couple of bigger geldings who can carry rider up to 110kg (240lb)
  • If you have bigger or heavier riders in your group, please let us know, so we can plan horses beforehand.
  • Please tell also if you have strong fear of riding or if you have had riding accidents in the past. Also if you have any medical condition which may affect you, please tell it to us when making reservation.

Arriving to stables

  • We will always inform the time when you should arrive to the stables. Don’t be late, group doesn’t wait. For one hour trail ride, you shall reserve time for 2 hours, 2 hour trail ride 3 hours and so on.
  • Please know where your children are at all times. No running or yelling at the stables.
  • There is electric current in all fencing, please observe children
  • It is forbidden to go to animal enclosures or pastures. It is dangerous. Please make sure you know where you're children are at all times.
  • We have zero tolerance for alcohol
  • Big cameras or other items hanging from your neck aren't allowed when riding
  • Please put your cellphone on silent mode, no speaking to phones when riding

Clothing Note! During winter time, please take extra care on warm clothing, especially with children

  • If you bring your own riding gear, please make sure that you've disinfected all gear after previous riding on other stables. 
  • Wear clothes according to weather. You shall always wear long trousers, which you feel comfortable to wear and move. Avoid very slippery materials. When riding, you shall always wear shirt with sleeves, no t-shirts.
  • Rule of thumb is that it is better to wear too much clothes, rather that too little. Pay attention to your gloves and shoes. Toes and fingers will get cold first. Winter skiing clothes are good choice for winter riding.
  • Helmet is mandatory for every rider in all cases. You can loan helmet from us. Please make sure that your winter hat is slim fit, so it can fit under helmet. 
  • You should always wear gloves when riding, summer and winter.
  • If it is raining, please wear suitable clothes.
  • It is not allowed to talk mobile phones during riding. Please take photos only when your tour guide gives you permission.


Please cancel 24h before arriving. 

Weather and force majeure situations

In case of force majeure we keep our selves the opportunity to cancel booked trail ride trips. In most of the cases we do ride in all weather conditions excluded storms and if there are -20 degrees of Celsius or colder. In these cases we contact our customers in the morning of the activity at the latest

Safety instructions

Our horses are carefully chosen for their work. They are calm and friendly but still they are animals. That is why it is good to remember that there are some risks concerning horseback riding. It is rare that our clients fall down from horse and we have not had any severe accidents. Here in Old Raatesalmi we are really careful concerning safety issues. Our guides are experienced professionals and they have also first aid education.


We do not have insurances for our clients. We recommend that people have insurance of their own (e.g. travel insurance) that covers also riding accidents.

We like to offer you relaxed atmosphere in our trail riding trips. For the safety of the tour please remember the following:

The leader of the tour is the guide and she decides how the tour proceeds. She also decides the gaits and speed. Everybody must obey her instructions at all times. In each group the speed and difficulty of the tour is always suited for the most inexperienced rider. If you would like to have trail riding tour that has more speed please contact our stable and let us know your wishes so that we can choose a suitable group for you.

During the tour we always and in all circumstances ride in a queue and in the order the guide has told in the beginning of the tour. The guide is responsible for the instruction and teaching during the ride. Please do not interfere her work.

If you have any questions or you would like to have more instructions in any matter during the ride just ask from our guide. They are happy to help you.

If there is anything you would like to ask we will happily answer to you. You can contact us by phone +358-40-1502 606 or by e-mail varaukset (at)