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Villa Raatteenranta 230m2

Lomatalo Raatteenranta

Villa Raatteenranta is located next to the Old Raatesalmi farm. Here you can sense the traditional Finnish way of life. The Villa is built in 1950’s but has been fully renovated at 2015. Villa Raatteenranta has all the amenities but at the same time it still has the old charm. From the windows you can admire the beautiful lake and during winter time you can see northern lights. Here you don’t hear traffic noise. There is no hustle and bustle only bird sing during summer and calm silence of winter.

The two story Villa Raatteenranta can accommodate 12 people in 2 person rooms and with extra beds up to 18 people. It is perfect choice form families. In the 1st floor of the house there are two 2 persons rooms, one 2+2 persons room, hallway, living room, dining room, fully equipped kitchen and two toilets. In the 2nd floor you can find two 2 persons rooms, two toilettes, fully equipped kitchen and shower. In the basement floor is beautiful bathroom with shower and bathtub.


If you visit Finland you must try traditional wood burning sauna. Here in Old Raatesalmi we have two saunas which tenants of the Villa Raatteenranta can use freely. They are located only few meters from the lake so you can try the ultimate Finnish sauna experience by having “löyly” in the sauna first and the refreshing swim in the Kuusamo Lake.

Näkymiä saunan terassilta

For animal lovers we have 20 horses, sheeps, chickens, dogs and cats in our main farm. Sheeps and chickens run free in our main farm. Our cats are also ready for cuddles. If you are a horse lover or would like to try riding for the first time we have nice and calm Icelandic horses. We do trail riding tours with them from 2 hours to whole day tours. Please visit our website here to learn more. 


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