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About Old Raatesalmi

Find your peace from silence, nature and the purest air in the world

Nature is a miracle worker, plain and simple. By leaving the confines of your life and finding a secluded area of wilderness, you can begin to heal yourself with silence. That’s not to say there may not be noise, but it is a different kind of noise. There’s no traffic, no music, no television, no voices (if you are not speaking with other people who may be with you), no typing, no footsteps, no sirens, no phone tones, well you get the idea.

What you need to do is listen. Listen to the world as it was meant to be. Just listen. The silence may make your ears ring. It becomes deafening as your ears adjust from the sounds of daily life. Your body as a whole will love and thank you for it.

In the silence of Finnish nature, you can let go of your stress and problems. Release all the nagging troubles of life and allow nature to soak them in, you become content, peaceful, tranquil and meditative, healing your body, mind, soul and discover your personal Zen.  At the same time, you get to witness beautiful scenery, inhale the aroma of nature and perhaps even hear the genuine sounds of forest, lakes and animals. Even then the silence is still there, surrounding the calming melodies of wilderness. All wrapped into one, offering you the opportunity to appreciate life and understand that there’s more to it than the repetition of city life.

Nature is a healer, which reconnects your body, mind and soul and washes you clean, making you feel whole and alive once again.

The purest air in the world

Air is the most essential element needed to sustain life. Overall health of your body and mind in a great degree depends upon the amount of pure, fresh air breathed.  In Finland, particularly in Kuusamo highlands, you can find one of the most purest air in the world. As a proof of the most pure air in the world, in our forests you can see the rare Usnea growing. Usnea is also know as a "Old's man beard", it is extremely sensitive for pollution and it can be found only where air is the most pure.

Wanha Raatesalmi

Situated only 30 minutes’ drive from Ruka ski resort, lies our farm Wanha Raatesalmi (Old Raatesalmi), built in early 1800s. Old Raatesalmi farm is unique and protected historical location on the lakeside of lake Kuusamojärvi.  We are surrounded by beautiful arctic forest wilderness and you have a good chance to see wild animals e.g. reindeers.

In our farm you can choose many activities including trail riding, hiking, cross country skiing, snow mobile trips and more.